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Not convinced yet? Try Gunbot for 3 days (72 hours) before you purchase a lifetime license.

With the Gunbot Trial, you can try out Gunbot on 4 Exchanges (Binance, BitGet, Huobi Global & okGunbot), with one trading pair and two Strategies (StepgridScalp and Quanta-G).

You can change the exchange anytime to any other exchange, just as you can change the strategy and the pairs anytime.

Once you've taken your decision to purchase a lifetime Gunbot license, our world class support team will take care of you starting at day 1 and guide you through your entire Gunbot journey.

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All features in Gunbot Trial

Try Gunbot during 72 hours after your signup. There's no commitment once your trial period ends.

With Gunbot Trial you can trade on Binance, BitGet, Huobi Global or okGunbot.

You can trade on one pair, like for example USDT-BTC, at a time with Gunbot Trial. However, the amount of trades placed on your selected pair is not limited.

Gunbot Trial grants you access to two of the most popular strategies, as presets, in Gunbot, stepGridScalp and Quanta-G.

With Gunbot Trial you cannot trade leveraged/futures. You're limited to Spot trading.