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Upgrade your Gunbot Starter license to Gunbot Pro and get access to more features and the latest updates.

After your upgrade you'll receive access to all features included in the Gunbot Pro license, which includes 3 API Slots in total, access to more exchanges, spot & futures trading, Backtesting Addon and much more!

Upgrading to Gunbot Pro is quick and easy. Simply purchase the license upgrade below and follow the upgrade instructions, and you'll be up and running in no time. Plus, with our world-class customer support team, you can rest assured that you'll have the help you need whenever you need it.

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All features in Gunbot Starter -> Gunbot Pro

Buy once, use forever. Gunbot does not have a subscription model. There are no recurring costs.

The Gunthy Token is our utility token. It'll enable the licensing of your Gunbot license through the Ethereum Blockchain.

The API Slots are the amount of exchanges you can run simultanously with your Gunbot license. You can switch the Exchange assigned to a slot anytime.

Gunbot works on Binance, BinanceUS, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bybit, Beaxy,, Coinbase Pro,, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Kraken, Kraken Futures, Kucoin, MEXC, OKX, Poloniex, and many more.

Gunbot does not limit the amount of trading pairs you can trade. The only limit are the amounts of pairs listed on an exchange.

Gunbot supports a large variety of trading methods, like ADX, ATRTS, BBta, BB, EMAspread, Emotionless, FuturesGrid, Gain, Ichimoku, MACD, MACDH, PP, SMAcross, SpotGrid, SpotGridAdvanced, StepGain, StepGrid, StepGridHedge, StepGridHybrid, StepgridScalp, Support&Resistance, Tenkan, TSA and TSSL.

You can trade with Gunbot on Spot Markets (for example: Binance) or on leveraged markets (for example: Binance Futures).

With Gunbot Autoconfig you can change your strategy parameters dynamically and automatically. What you usually would do by hand, manually, can be done with Autoconfig automatically through jobs.

The Gunbot School is our official centralized Point of Support. They'll take care of you from your day 1. Get 24/7 support and guidance through an experienced team of Gunbot Staff Members.

Follow the price action up and/or down. Fine tune the point where your Strategy should buy or sell, by following the volatility and exiting on a trailing range exit.

Need additional safeguards before buying or selling? Gunbot has a wide variety of indicators implemented which'll help you. ADX, BTC PnD Protection, EMA Spread, MFI, RSI, Stochastic and StochasticRSI can all be customised.

Dollar Cost Averaging in Gunbot can automatically average down your holdings and help lower the average cost per unit.