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Upgrade your Gunbot Standard license to Gunbot Ultimate to receive access to all Gunbot Ultimate features in your Gunbot.

After your upgrade you'll receive access to unlimited API Slots, Backtesting Addon, Tradingview Addon, DeFi Trading, Gunbot Simulator and much more.

Upgrading to Gunbot Ultimate is quick and easy. Simply purchase the license upgrade below and follow the upgrade instructions, and you'll be up and running in no time. Plus, with our world-class customer support team, you can rest assured that you'll have the help you need whenever you need it.

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All features in Gunbot Standard -> Gunbot Ultimate

Buy once, use forever. Gunbot does not have a subscription model. There are no recurring costs.

The Gunthy Token is our utility token. It'll enable the licensing of your Gunbot license through the Ethereum Blockchain.

The API Slots are the amount of exchanges you can run simultanously with your Gunbot license. You can switch the Exchange assigned to a slot anytime.

Backtesting gives you the possibility to test your Gunbot strategies on historical data on

Use Gunbot to trade with custom strategies. Send alerts from Tradingview to Gunbot over Email or Webhooks and execute any custom setup.

Trade on Decentralised Finance / Decentralised Exchanges with Gunbot Ultimate.

The integrated strategies are not enough for you? Let Gunbot handle the boring part and your strategy runs on top of the Gunbot code.

Use Gunbot on the go. With the Gunbot Mobile App for Android and iOS, you can monitor and control your Gunbot instances wherever you are.

Simulate live trading with fake funds. Don't use your actual money to see how Gunbot would perform with your strategy, simulate it through paper trading.