StepGridScalp strategy in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The stepgridscalp strategy in Gunbot is a technical analysis-based trading strategy that is a next iteration of the stepgridhybrid strategy and its trend module. It is designed to find a balance between scalping (quick, small trades with a high probability of winning) and grid trading (dollar-cost averaging in more or less predictable steps).

The strategy has key features such as user-configurable low, medium, and high timeframes for monitoring trends and momentum strength, and different trading styles that are automatically used when opportune. These include normal grid trading, cautious scalping in upper ranges, and trade supports.

The stepgridscalp strategy also has different sell trailing styles that are automatically used when opportune, and is better at selling more volume at higher prices due to its partial sell ratio cap and improved sell trailing. It is also quicker at detecting trend direction changes and is more cautious about when it opens new trades.

Overall, the stepgridscalp strategy in Gunbot is a more advanced trading strategy that combines the benefits of scalping and grid trading to provide a flexible and adaptable approach to trading cryptocurrencies. It can help you to take advantage of market movements and potentially generate profits.