StepGrid strategy in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The stepgrid strategy in Gunbot is a technical analysis-based trading strategy that uses a grid of buy and sell targets to identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the market. The strategy is designed to take advantage of changes in the market by trading when the price moves more than a defined step size.

You can choose between using automatic step size or setting a manual step size. Price trailing is completely automatic and happens every step up or down. The idea of the strategy is to trade every meaningful price movement, even when the overall break-even price of a position is below the current market price.

The stepgrid strategy can take advantage of small steps upwards to sell parts of a position at rates that are profitable compared to their corresponding buy orders. This allows the strategy to continue to generate profits even when the market is not moving in favor of the position.

Overall, the stepgrid strategy in Gunbot is a flexible and adaptable trading strategy that can help you to take advantage of market movements and potentially generate profits. It is a good choice for traders who want to trade every meaningful price movement and adapt to changing market conditions.