SpotGridAdvanced strategy in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The spotgridadvanced strategy in Gunbot is a technical analysis-based trading strategy that is similar to the spotgrid strategy, but with the added feature of continuous trading. Continuous trading, or CT, is a mechanism that allows you to keep trading profitably even when the current price is far below the overall break-even price.

The principle of continuous trading is simple: if the price is above the price of the last buy order, up to the number of units bought in that trade can be sold for a small profit in the base and quote currencies. The profits in the base currency are kept, while the profits in the quote currency can help bring down the break-even price of the overall position.

Besides the small profits from these partial trades, continuous trading allows the spotgridadvanced strategy to follow the market price more closely and sometimes fit in more DCA (dollar-cost averaging) trades in one price range. This is compared to only waiting for prices to go down further to make DCA trades.

Overall, the spotgridadvanced strategy in Gunbot is a more advanced version of the spotgrid strategy that adds the benefits of continuous trading. It can help you to keep trading profitably and adapt to changing market conditions.