SpotGrid strategy in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The spotgrid strategy in Gunbot is a technical analysis-based trading strategy that uses a grid of buy and sell targets to identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the market. The strategy is designed to take advantage of changes in the market by accumulating units at lower prices when the market goes down, and selling at a profit when the market reaches the sell target..

When the strategy first runs and there is no balance to sell, it immediately places a market buy order. If the price goes down and it exceeds the spotgrid line in the chart, buy trailing is activated. As soon as trailing finishes, a buy order is placed. This lowers the break-even price.

If the price reaches the sell target on the chart, sell trailing is activated and the complete position is sold at a profit when trailing finishes. After having sold, the strategy immediately starts buy trailing. If the price goes up, it will quickly open a new position. If the price goes down, it will place a buy order below the last sell rate.

Balance management is important in the spotgrid strategy, as you need to make sure you have enough funds to cover the planned number of buy orders. The strategy is designed to accumulate units at lower prices and sell at a profit, but it is important to carefully manage your balance to avoid running out of funds.