Bollinger Bands TA (BBTA) in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The BBTA strategy in Gunbot is a trading strategy that uses the Bollinger Bands technical indicator to make buy and sell decisions. Bollinger Bands are a type of volatility indicator that consist of a moving average (SMA) and two bands, or lines, that are plotted above and below the moving average (SMA).

The BBTA strategy in Gunbot is designed to buy when the price of the underlying asset exits the lower Bollinger Band and then re-enters it, and to sell when the price exits the upper Bollinger Band and then re-enters it.

This is because the exit and re-entry of the Bollinger Bands can indicate a potential change in market momentum. By using the Bollinger Bands to identify these potential turning points, the BBTA strategy in Gunbot can help traders capitalize on short-term market movements and potentially generate profits.