Average true range trailing stop (ATRTS) in Gunbot

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Strategy Description:

The Average True Range Trailing Stop (ATRTS) strategy in Gunbot is a trading strategy that uses the Average True Range (ATR) and Time Series Forecast (TSF) indicators to set trailing stop losses for positions.

The ATR is a measure of volatility, and the TSF is a trend-following indicator that is based on past price data. The ATRTS strategy is designed to set the trailing stop loss for a long position at a certain percentage below the current market price, based on the ATR and TSF values. For example, if the ATR is high and the TSF indicates a downtrend, the trailing stop loss may be set at a higher percentage below the current market price, to account for increased volatility and the likelihood of a price decline.

This strategy is intended to help traders manage their risk and potentially protect their profits.